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  1. Memory Days Sim Date (54 535 times)
  2. Return Man 3 (42 843 times)
  3. Linebacker Alley 2 (31 700 times)
  4. Return Man 2: Mud Bowl (31 451 times)
  5. Sports Heads Basketball Championship (24 354 times)
  6. Happy Wheels (23 403 times)
  7. Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim (20 298 times)
  8. 4th and Goal 2011 (18 140 times)
  9. Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014/15 (17 435 times)
  10. Sports Heads: Basketball (14 106 times)


  1. Abandoned Office (12 times)
  2. Modern House Escape (9 times)
  3. Abandoned Mine (12 times)
  4. Emoji Room (22 times)
  5. Girls Room Escape 4 (14 times)
  6. Halloween Party Begins (20 times)
  7. Cute Antelope Rescue (13 times)
  8. Atlantic Mermaid Escape (19 times)
  9. Lincoln (10 times)
  10. Creepy Cat Escape (24 times)
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Match Puzzle Defense

Play this match-3 and tower defense hybrid and see how many waves of enemies ...

(Played: 316)

Oscar Event

The skill game is real fun which would leave you in splits each time you watc...

(Played: 271)

RedWhite Slice

Cut pieces of the level with the red ball, every time - with one red ball. ...

(Played: 585)

Girls and Lazors

Get girls. Dodge lasers.

(Played: 253)

Easter Eggtion

Try to find the matching pairs of easter eggs.

(Played: 355)


It’s a fast paced physics game where you fling a ball around the screen picki...

(Played: 296)

Speed Miner

Mine as many blocks as you can!

(Played: 343)

Block Towers

Variation of match-3 puzzle game. The more score you get, the less time you g...

(Played: 323)


Simple concept, different approaches and increasing difficulty. Protect the c...

(Played: 327)

Bowling Killer

use your gun to shoot as many bowling pins you can.

(Played: 338)

Tiny Easter Dash

Cute easter game where you control little bunny with arrow keys or WASD. Coll...

(Played: 371)


Targets everywhere! Hit targets by shooting arrows. Score some sweet points a...

(Played: 305)

Apple match

Matching memory game. Good concentration skills required.

(Played: 337)

Easter Crazy

Help the Easter Bunny pack eggs to deliver for Easter. Line up 4 eggs of the ...

(Played: 299)

Blocks Cleaner

Logic game with simple mechanics.

(Played: 319)

Color Break

Combine the text of the colours with the colours of the blocks, see how fast ...

(Played: 325)


With arrow keys.

(Played: 406)


Figure out possible path. Then click to start moving and gathering up points.

(Played: 760)

Daft Blox

Spin, move and drop your blocks to make lines of 3 or more matching colours e...

(Played: 364)

Danger Donuts

Eat them before they takeover the world.

(Played: 356)

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