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Happy Businessman Rescue

He stole a million dollars and hid somewhere in this area. All the country's...

(Played: 29)

Halloween Eve Escape

You came deep inside a forest to celebrate Halloween. But unfortunately, you ...

(Played: 28)

Mystery of Egypt - Mysteries Mask

Today you will travel to Egypt and fall into the trap. From this trap you ha...

(Played: 24)

Ice Diving Escape

Here you are trapped under the frozen sea of Iceland. You are a professional ...

(Played: 34)

Escape Ghost Town

This town is haunted by ghosts and so it has been deserted. You are new to th...

(Played: 32)

Halloween Dangerous Cave Escape

Try to solve puzzles to escape the cave.

(Played: 35)

Viking Woman Rescue

A beautiful viking woman has been locked inside the strange mansion. It is y...

(Played: 38)

Halloween Party 9

The party is over and you need to leave. But it is not so simple, because th...

(Played: 24)

Zombie Dog Rescue

The dog was locked in the Halloween house. You will need to collect the nece...

(Played: 32)

Red Riding Hood

Help our poor little red ridding hood to find the secret key. And unlock the...

(Played: 31)

Cascade Forest Escape

You came to to see the beauty of the forest, but unfortunately, you missed a ...

(Played: 36)

Escape Farm Building

A person working in the farm is stuck in a room in the farm building. The doo...

(Played: 25)

End of Halloween

Halloween celebration was awesome this year. Here is the game for the end of ...

(Played: 28)

Halloween Horror House

The door of the house is locked from the outside. You have to find a way to ...

(Played: 31)

Cute Pterodactyl Rescue

There was a strange bird in the desert. Strange bird was placed in a cage. B...

(Played: 27)

Amazon Haunted Forest

You are trapped inside a haunted forest. You and your friend are doing some s...

(Played: 27)

Halloween Gothic Forest

You missed a way out of the forest. Click on objects to interact and solve p...

(Played: 29)

Mystic Castle

You were caught by the dark wizard, who locked you inside the mystic castle. ...

(Played: 26)

Desert House 3

Someone is trapped in a house in the desert. Rescue the person by helping hi...

(Played: 26)

Escape Italian Villa

You were visiting Italy and lost your way. You managed to find this really n...

(Played: 30)

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