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Kobe-games > Coy Card Unlimited

Coy Card Unlimited

In this sequel to Coy Card, you play by the same rules except there is no sto...

(Played: 341)

Coy Card Memory

In this sequel to Coy Card and Coy Card Unlimited, match alike cards. Carefu...

(Played: 344)

Coy Card

Match alike adjacent cards until all the cards are eliminated.

(Played: 348)

Where is My Credit Card

Mimi missed her credit card. Explore the room by finding the hidden objects,u...

(Played: 478)

Stop The Bus

Try not to get thrown off the bus in this fun card game! Get as close to 3...

(Played: 654)

Only One Difference 2

Enjoy spot the difference game with unlimited levels. Each time find a new pu...

(Played: 386)

Tri Peaks Solitaire

Tri peaks solitaire is a fun game where the objective is to move all cards to...

(Played: 600)

Collapsed Spaceship

Collect 11 energy crystals to obtain teleporter code card and teleport to saf...

(Played: 323)

52 Card Pickup

Here is a chance to try your hand at the classic card game, 52 Card Pickup. T...

(Played: 370)

Spin Cards

Spin the cards around and match the symbols in groups of four. Keep an eye on...

(Played: 328)

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold

Sneak into the cave of the forty thieves and get the gold in this popular car...

(Played: 455)

Good Memory Escape 2

You found yourself locked by sleepy watermelon. Use your mind to solve puzzle...

(Played: 380)

Color Card Room Escape

You are trapped inside the color card room .And no one is near to help you ou...

(Played: 353)

Highway Inn Escape

You are going another state for your office work your destination is too far ...

(Played: 298)


Solitaire60 is a 60 second skill card game from MunsieGames. See how many chi...

(Played: 397)

Clock Patience

In this card game you have to arrange the cards into thirteen piles, one for ...

(Played: 448)

Burning Balls

you need to draw required number and size of circles within 8 attempts to cle...

(Played: 258)

Race To 21

Race To 21 is a Solitaire Blackjack game played in 4 columns. Add cards to a...

(Played: 772)

Crazy Match

A card matching game with the proverbial twist. The card sets get progressive...

(Played: 443)

Magic Towers Solitaire

Magic Towers Solitaire is a fun and more skillful version of the classic tri ...

(Played: 1 574)

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