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  1. Memory Days Sim Date (54 881 times)
  2. Return Man 3 (43 128 times)
  3. Linebacker Alley 2 (31 917 times)
  4. Return Man 2: Mud Bowl (31 675 times)
  5. Sports Heads Basketball Championship (24 584 times)
  6. Happy Wheels (23 600 times)
  7. Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim (20 574 times)
  8. 4th and Goal 2011 (18 335 times)
  9. Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014/15 (17 707 times)
  10. Sports Heads: Basketball (14 338 times)


  1. Cartoon Village (5 times)
  2. Thanksgiving Turkey (3 times)
  3. 10 Door Escape (3 times)
  4. Cute Monkey Rescue 3 (11 times)
  5. Thanksgiving Eve (9 times)
  6. Dungen Cave (10 times)
  7. Mysterious Dark Forest (10 times)
  8. Thanksgiving Day 4 (6 times)
  9. Ice Mountain Escape (19 times)
  10. Red Car Rescue (18 times)
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Kobe-games > Soccer All Stars

Socces Stars Launch

Choose your favorite soccer player of the year: Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan or Ini...

(Played: 450)

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Pick your favorite star, and out to the soccer field where you try to get to ...

(Played: 523)

Hidden Stars Leaves

Find the stars hidden in the picture.

(Played: 314)

Penalty Shootout 2012

This soccer game is deadlocked...and that means it's penalty shootout time. U...

(Played: 715)

Rolling Home

Guide the ball to the house by turning static objects into dynamic objects, a...

(Played: 411)

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Hit destructive home runs and gather all the stars!

(Played: 1 912)

Super Sprint Soccer

Subbuteo goes flash in this table top football game, play through 25 challeng...

(Played: 626)

Penguin Soccer

penguin soccer snow playfield grass soccerfield ball team play sport teamwork...

(Played: 766)

Bieber Kicker

Kick Justin Bieber in the face and into the trash can! Beat him up as you tos...

(Played: 345)

Snowball Siege

Launch snowballs to solve fun Christmas physics puzzles! Break ice blocks to ...

(Played: 392)

Soccer Room Escape

A football player is trapped in a dressing room before the match. No one is t...

(Played: 287)

Kids world - Hidden stars

Stars are hidden everywhere in the Kids World pictures.Find them and hit it. ...

(Played: 515)

Moon fairy  -  Hidden stars

Stars are hidden everywhere in the Moon Fairy pictures.Find them and hit it. ...

(Played: 635)

Valentine's day  -  Hidden stars

Stars are hidden everywhere in the Valentines Day pictures. Find them and hit...

(Played: 572)

Sports Heads: Football Championship

More Sports Heads Football, now with more heads, a league, upgrades and more!...

(Played: 5 407)


In Soccer Manic game you have to control the ball with head of soccer. The ai...

(Played: 392)

Soccer Jump

Soccer jump is here! Can you jump through 20 levels of increasing difficulty ...

(Played: 446)

Garden Ball

Guide this ball to the end of each level by moving in the correct path. Avoid...

(Played: 279)

Fantasy Vampire - Hidden Star

Stars are hidden everywhere in the Fantasy Vampire pictures.Find them and hit...

(Played: 456)

Dr Seuss the lorax  -  Hidden stars

Stars are hidden everywhere in the Dr Seuss The Lorax pictures.Find them and ...

(Played: 513)

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