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Kobe-games > happy wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game. The only goal of this ga...

(Played: 23 183)

Miami Restaurant

Welcome to Miami, the place where the sun is always shining! You have to help...

(Played: 816)

Penguin Soccer

penguin soccer snow playfield grass soccerfield ball team play sport teamwork...

(Played: 737)

Gaddafi Land

Shoot your way through the Gaddafi Land and try to survive your enemies attac...

(Played: 632)

Happy time - 5 Differences

Find the five differences between the two pictures.

(Played: 361)

Crazy Balotelli

Spain won the European Cup and Balotelli isn't happy with this. He tries to t...

(Played: 766)

The Worlds Easyest Game

Need a break from epic game action? Pick up an easy win with this game. A few...

(Played: 1 928)

Monkey Go Happy - Marathon 2

Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles...

(Played: 690)

Hippos vs Rhinos

The evil rhinos have invaded the land of happy hippos. It is up to you to rem...

(Played: 397)

Happy Dead Friends

4 fun creatures with unique abilities!! Just remember one simple rule: you ju...

(Played: 483)

Toilet King

Help Mr Brown Cloud make his dream come true, build a beautiful public toilet...

(Played: 451)

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life ...

(Played: 695)

Easter Chicks Escape

Play this game and help the chicks go into the house to celebrate Easter. Hap...

(Played: 489)

Hidden Truck - Wheels

You'll find fifteen wheels in each and every image.

(Played: 514)

Monkey Go Happy 5

Solve puzzles and shoot stuff to make the monkey go happy.

(Played: 1 137)

Happy Baby Room Escape

A room escape game,Not long ago I visited a friend, one day I was locked in a...

(Played: 446)

Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour

Help the demon find the escaped soul and send him back to hell after making s...

(Played: 457)

Aqua Dudes

Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the wat...

(Played: 383)

Happy Smile

Avoid circles and collect stars. Are you good enough to pass all 20 levels?

(Played: 886)

Shotgun Sam

Shotgun Sam has been abducted by aliens! It is up to you to blast your way ou...

(Played: 755)

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